Seven Otters

A CQRS/ES library and facilities for Elixir to build events oriented applications.

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What is Seven Otters?

Seven Otters is a set of facilities (macros, functions, modules, etc.) developed to create CQRS/ES solutions in Elixir on BEAM virtual machine.
With Seven Otters you can easily define events, aggregates, aggregate roots, commands, projections, service, policies, and batches. Moreover Seven Otters internally implements a command bus and an events store.
Seven Otters is published as open source project.

Seven Otters is in development phase, although it is already used in various commercial projects.
Refer to blog to stay updated.

Getting Started

Refer to Getting Started to have your first CQRS/ES application with Seven Otters.

What about the name?

Seven Otters is simply the anagram of events store.